The Pizza

The Process

The People

Ramble Pizza is Philadelphia's take on New York style slices and 16" pies. We believe that simple pizza is good pizza. Our recipe relies on quality dough, whole milk mozzarella, flavorful sauce, and limited toppings. Our classic menu consists of margherita, mushroom, pepperoni, and house-made sausage slices and pies. Each week, we feature alternative toppings and a specialty pie. We accept topping requests for pies ordered in advance and create custom menus for catering orders. Feel free to message us with requests.
Our dough and sauce are made in house using fresh, high quality ingredients. Once we stock our truck, we depart for our vending or catering destination. We make pizzas upon arrival to ensure freshness. Slices are readily available, and pies are often made-to-order with an approximate wait time of 8-10 minutes.
P.S. Ramble Pizza is happy to serve the vegan community with pre-ordered pies. Bonus: Our dough and sauce are naturally vegan. 

Ramble Pizza Company started service in the Spring of 2017. Ramble was founded and is owned by Benjamin Turner. Benjamin has been working in the pizza industry for over a decade and spent the past 2 years supporting the food truck community in Philadelphia. Benjamin is supported by his wife and first employee, Lauren.
Ramble Pizza has been a dream in the works for many years. As a small business, we hope to serve and collaborate with our community. 

Ramble Pizza believes in sustainability and minimal waste. We strive to feed Philadelphia's homeless community with any leftover pizzas we may have from vending and catering sessions. We currently partner with the Sunday LOVE Project, a non-profit initiative to supply food and basic needs for the homeless.